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💙 Dianna Sprenkle~Release Healer/Spiritual Advisor



         & RAISE


      Greetings! I Am Dianna Sprenkle, and it's my privilege to assist you in raising your vibration, by helping you feel happier and lighter, through a quick & easy release technique called "Release Healing". 

    I'm going to tell you how you can use this technique, not only on yourself, but with others to whom you'd care to share this helpful healing tool with.

     This website is free for you to use, and share with those you love.  I sincerely hope you find it's content to be a helpful tool in creating a happier, and more lighter version of yourself.

    I will be guiding you along this enlightening path of releasing, but first, let me explain how Release Healing can help you, and how you can apply it to your life. 

    Release Healing is a simple, powerful, easy-to-learn, and duplicate technique that shows you how to uncover your natural ability to "let go" of any painful or unwanted feeling...in the moment. 

    It consists of a series of simple questions you ask yourself, that leads your awareness to what you are feeling in the moment, and gently guide you into the experience of letting go!

    This release technique can change your life. It has already helped hundreds of thousands of people tap this natural ability to let go of uncomfortable or unwanted emotions, on the spot.

    What makes this tool so powerful, and one of the largest release breakthroughs of this decade, is that "Release Healing" really works! 

     It's a process that you can use anytime, and any place to improve any area of your life. 

    You can experience dramatic "shifts" in self-esteem and self-confidence that will, and can improve your life.

    You will enjoy deep feelings of inner peace that will bring more joy and happiness to your every day life.  You can also experience freedom from long-standing emotional challenges, such as fear, anxiety, anger, depression, loss, and emotional traumas.

    The Sedona Method of Release Healing is scientifically proven to be effective in respected institutions.  In fact, many corporations are already teaming up with Release Healing Training Associates to create positive results for their companies, and their employees. 

     A step further indicates that major food chain industries are using the Release Healing Method in educating their employees to use this method "on the spot" when the need arises after dealing with unhappy or irate customers.

    This technique is based on the power of feelings. 

     Think about it.  If you feel powerful, you act powerfully.  Right?  Well, then again, if you feel sad, you act sad.  If you feel angry, you act angrily.  If you feel depressed, you act depressed. 

     Your feelings define how you operate around people, and in the world.  And, unless you change those feelings, you are going to act as you've always acted, and you will produce the same results you've always produced. 

     It's our limiting emotions that prevent us from creating, and maintaining the lives that we choose.

     If you've tried other mental techniques to get results, you know that it is very difficult to create a change within yourself.  It requires massive energy and focus.  Put simply, it's a hard thing to do, isn't it?

     However, Release Healing operates on a feeling level.  It's easy!  You can let go of YEARS of mental programs and accumulated feelings in just minutes, using this very powerful technique. 

     There are no complicated processes or reprogramming or affirmations to plaster all over your computer screen to remember. 

     When an unwanted feeling comes up, you quickly release it.  That's it!

     So, before I explain exactly how you can use this technique on yourself, just let me say, this technique is incredibly simple to use that the questions you ask yourself will seem too easy, even redundant! 

     And, what makes this healing technique stand apart from any other technique you may use, is that you dont have to share or blurt out whatever it is you're releasing. 

     You release in the privacy of your own mind.  You are in control.  It's all you! 

     I will only guide you.

     Now, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to do Release Healing alone. 

     On the contrary!  Releasing can be just as effective with a person you trust.  A best friend, spouse, or family member. 

     Also, it's helpful to know that since this type of releasing is based on "feelings", both parties benefit from the other person's releases.  It's very therapeutic. 

     As a matter of fact, why not consider planning and hosting your own Release Healing Gathering Event!

    One last thing I'd like to add. 

    Like I said, this healing technique really works. 

    It really works!

    However, some emotions will take more time than others to release, especially if it's been years, such as a loss of a loved one.

    You MUST be very persistant.


    Which means, to keep asking yourself those same questions over and over again until it's finally released. 

    Listen, Dear One, we all hold onto hurt from our past, and our present.  That's no secret. 

    As a matter of fact, we deny ourselves joy and happiness because of it, and eventually, it shows in or on our body by way of dis-ease or pain. 

    This website is here to tell you that you don't have to suffer anymore with those painful memories or thoughts! 

     I'm giving you a tool that will help you to let it go, ONCE AND FOR ALL, and it's totally free, with no hidden charges, ever.

    As long as I can keep this website up and running, you will always have access to this healing tool.  I promise. 

    Look, I promised you there would be no hidden charges, and I meant that. 

    So, until I can set-up an interactive website where we can discuss your problems, let's do this:

**  contact me with your questions at...

"iwritebackwards@yahoo.com", and I will reply back via email. 

**  Please make sure you explain your problem in full, okay?  Plus, remember to leave your name and contact info.

     Listen, I want to help you create a peace of mind for yourself. 

     It's in my heart, as well as my pleasure to be of service to you, and Our Creator, to help you in this way.

     I call it simple service.

     So, now, let's get to it, shall we?








A Lighter You!



      CAN BE FUN!

      Let's begin by answering some simple questions:

      But first, I want you to take a few cleansing breaths. 

      Breathe in the good energy through your nose~

      Breathe out the bad energy through your mouth.

         (DO THAT 3 TIMES)



💙   Pick just 1 painful memory at a time to release.  Do not try to release more than one or many at the same time. This will overwhelm you.  So, the first question is:

      What painful memory would you like to begin with?

      Now, in your mind, I want you to take a journey back in time to that painful experience.  I know it may be painful and difficult for you, but in order to release it, you must go there. 

      Re live it!  

      I realize that this will probably be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, but my dear, to feel good again, you must re-live that horrible moment in your life.  All of it.

     This will include:

 ** who was there?

 ** what was said?

 ** what happened?

 ** what did you feel back then?

 ** what do you feel now? 

 ** anything else you can think of to ask yourself?


💙 Question #1: ASK YOURSELF...

    (insert your name here)  "If you were ABLE to let this painful experience go forever, COULD you?"

      (If you answered "yes", you just gave yourself permission to let that experience go.  Well Done!  Continue on.)

      Remember to BREATHE!  Breathe in through the nose, in with the positive energy, and out through the mouth, out with the negative energy.


💙 Question #2: ASK YOURSELF...

(insert your name here) "Just for now, the best you possibly can, WOULD you let it go?"

     (Answer should be: YES)


💙 Question #3: ASK YOURSELF...

     (Insert your name here) "WHEN?"

     (Answer should be: NOW)





      If you answered "YES" to questions #1 & 2, and said "NOW" to question #3, you have just begun to free yourself of that particular painful experience.  Congratulations!




 **Persistence is key.  If you can recall the experience, and it still feels painful, you haven't released it yet. 

     It's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to keep going until it doesn't hurt to remember it anymore!



      Each time you take that journey back to that painful experience over and over again, you will begin to notice that it's not so painful anymore. 

     When that happens, congratulate yourself, because you just successfully released your very first painful experience!  

         I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!

                 Way To Go!


 Now, pick another experience to release.


      Again, take a breath.  Notice the difference on how you feel.  Feels pretty darn good, don't it? 

     You should be smiling by now.... 


      This, my dear friend, is known as

          "Release Healing".


However, it's important to know that it's just as important that you learn how to replace that new empty space you just created, with positive reinforcement.  You learned how to release the negative energy.  Now, you must replace it with positive energy, so that not only will you feel better, but the newly created space will be "filled up" per se, so that new negativity can't be replaced with what was originally there.  Make sense?

Here's a short list of positive emotions you can use:

📌Joy, happiness, peace, love, forgiveness, confidence,            powerful, calmness, acceptance, contentment, brave, courageous, gratitude, serene, playful, etc. or, insert your own!

So, let's do that, shall we?  And, while we're doing that, I want you to notice how much better you feel, in the moment. Okay?

Now, it will be totally up to you to decide what positive emotion you wish to feel. So, I will simply ask the questions, and you fill in the blanks.

Here we go!

#1: (Your name) "Just for right now, the very best you can, COULD you allow and accept (          ) into your life?"

#2: (Your name) "Just for right now, the very best you can, WOULD you allow and accept (         ) into your life?"

#3: (Your name) "When?"


Repeat that question, while inserting other various positive emotions each time, as many times as you wish.  The more, the merrier!

When finished, you should notice how much better you feel. Right?

You'll Be most happy to know, that by releasing the negative, then inserting the positive, you come closer and closer to raising your vibration enough, where while each day seemed difficult to muster, will seem so much easier.

And, don't be surprised if you find yourself smiling more. 

To your higher vibration and success! 🥂



      And now that you know how to use Release Healing on yourself, and rid yourself of painful experiences, you can show and tell all your friends, family, and coworkers how to do the same for themselves, too!

            How Exciting!!!


      YOU are now a "Release Healer"! 

     So, go ahead!  Hang up that shingle, and start passing out those business cards!

      I'd love to hear about your success stories!  Email me.

      Here's to your joy and happiness!


      May you always be blessed with Love and a Light Mind.    

               Namaste. 😉

        💙 Dianna Sprenkle

     💙 A heartfelt message to those who find it difficult to journey back in time to that painful experience.


      Dear, letting go can be very hard.  I know.  I've been there.  I went down that hard road, too.

       So, I totally understand your hesitance, frustration, and even fear.  

      Just let me say from my past experiences, and from my heart to yours, you can do this! 

     You're stronger than you know!  

     If you believe in a higher power as I do, having prayer and faith before releasing, always helps. It helped me, and It can help you, too.

    And, if you can't do it now, that's okay! 

    Don't beat yourself up over it.  You probably just need a little more time to process that painful experience.   

    You can always try again another time.


     Lastly, if you've tried your level best to let that painful experience go, and you just don't think or believe you can do it alone, please contact me through my email, "iwritebackwards@yahoo.com". 

I will help you to the best of my ability. Okay? 

     After all, God wants us to help each other.

     Love, 💙 Dianna Sprenkle

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